Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Do You Sew?

So, I sew.

By this, I mean, I have a sewing machine. And I've used it a few times. Oh, and it's pink! See?

So yeah, I sew.  *nods head emphatically*

But, to be completely honest with you, I really don't LOVE to sew. I'm self taught and have had some major trial and error situations that have left me feeling...unsure of myself? And stressed out. And maybe even resenting that sewing machine a bit.

Yes. Yes, that sounds about right. All of that.

So I've shelved my pretty pink sewing machine for the most part. I still do little projects here and there. But they've become few and far between.

I'm happy to crochet. It's relaxing and has kept me nice and toasty warm during this past few brutal winter months. But there are times when I kind of miss my sewing machine and the quick projects. The tote bags and throw pillow covers and little stuffed bunnies...

...and I'm tempted to try again. Pull out the sewing machine, learn how to fix the mistakes, feel confident in what I'm creating and love the process. I want to use my sewing machine, darn it, without wanting to pull my hair out!

My daughter found a fox pillow on Pinterest that she wants, like, right this very second (of course!) and maybe I'll try to relax and have fun with the pink machine of doom. *sigh*

So, maybe. Maybe I'll try again. (Wish me luck!)

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  1. Lol you can do it! The bunnies are adorable. I'm sure a fox pillow will turn out just as cute. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm going to try, I'm just not sure I'm going to like it :P