Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The One that Almost Got Away

Some people find a project that they'd like to tackle and devote themselves to starting and finishing it, in that order.

I wish I was one of those people...

But I'm not.

Nope, I'm more the 'find a project, start it, find another project, start it, find another project, save the idea for later...' kinda chicky.

Which means that lots of really amazing projects and ideas fall through the cracks of my faulty mama memory. Or that seasonal projects don't get finished in the seasons they are intended for. Or that by the time my 3 year old gets the baby blanket I started for her - almost 4 years ago - she'll probably need it for her own child.

*shrugs* What can ya do?

And that was almost what happened with this guy.

You see, I came across this Little Muggles pattern awhile back. The elephant in that pattern has adorable little spots...but at the time I found it, I was in full bunny mode. Remember those?? Well, I was surrounded by yarns and coordinating fabrics and I was loving the combination of the two.  So it made sense that I could combine them for an elephant. Right? (Right!)

But, like many ideas that come my way, it got pushed to the wayside. And almost completely forgotten.

Then a bunch of things happened - a computer crash, a request for two custom giraffes, and a trip to the zoo on a beautiful day that didn't happen - and suddenly the pattern was right under my nose, once again.

So here ya go! He took me a little longer than he should have, since he was a nap time/bed time project. (I always hide the cute ones from my greedy littles.)  But I think he turned out fairly adorable.

And now I need to decide whether I'll sell him, give him away...or keep him ;)

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  1. Stumbled across your blog and have to tell you that the elephant is adorable! We did my daughter's nursery in an elephant theme and I wish we could have found something that cute to put in there! I'm excited to see what else you crochet. I'm a beginner crochet-er and hoping to learn more :)