Monday, May 5, 2014

Another Finished Project (!!!)

I have a climber.

He's two. He's pretty darn adorable. And I'm fairly sure he's at least half wild monkey.

Which is fun in an exhausting, I-just-spend-half-my-morning-pulling-him-down-from-high-surfaces kind of way.

But it's also incredibly frustrating.  Because nothing is safe. NOTHING.

Like my camera, for example.  No matter where I hide it, he finds the darn thing.  And once he finds it, he climbs whatever obstacle stands in his way to snatch it and throw it to the floor.

Poor camera. It now makes a strange fluttering noise when I turn it on.  *sigh*

But it works (for now), so here we go with another grand 'ta-daaaa!' moment.

A finished blanket!

Another project scratched off my never-ending WIP list.

Isn't it exciting?

Isn't it bright?!

It is. I have to say it. It's super bright. But also cheery and fun and if I'm being completely honest, I dragged my feet finishing those last few rows because I really loved working on this one. And boy, was it super duper cuddly soft.

Even Monkey Boy liked it! Isn't it funny...the things I make for my kids go completely unappreciated. Yet when it's for someone else, it's the best thing EVER. Silly kids!

On to the next project on my list...

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