Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Morning Makes: Playing Catch Up

When I allow myself a moment or two to daydream, I wrap myself in new projects. A super sweet kitty plush that I'm dying to try. A few floral motifs that would make amazing summer throws for the back of my poor, neglected sofa. A beach/market bag that I'm itching - yes, actually itching - to get on a hook. Spring has brought with it a wealth of new ideas and crafty possibilities!

When I snap back to reality, though, I'm still swimming in bunnies.

You guys really like those bunnies, don't you?

This past week has been spent on custom work. Lots of orders! Most for bunnies. But also a giraffe, an owl and a kid-sized ripple in a dreamy shade of lavender and white. I've been a busy gal.

Which is awesome, as well as unexpected.  When I opened my little shop a month or so back, I kind of figured it would be a mini museum of projects. Pretty pictures for me to look at and justification for my yarn habit...

But that little shop has taken on a life of its own and I'm thrilled to be as busy as I am!

This is why I've been a bit quieter than usual, as I'm working hard to stay caught up.

...and it may explain why I'm very light on pictures this week. (More next week, for sure!)

But, you see, I have a basket full of bunnies needing arms and legs...

So off I go!

Happy Monday!

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