Monday, February 10, 2014

Ripples, Chevrons & Waves

I have ripples on the brain. They've consumed me for weeks now.  They're all I think about! Sad? Maybe. But true, nonetheless.  I refuse to think about what that says about me...

See, it all started a few weeks ago. I was trolling Pinterest in the wee small hours, searching for something new and creative and fun to crochet...and I kept running into ripple patterns. Boring, old ripples. Some traditional, some modified versions, some titled 'chevron' or 'waves', but all the same concept - ripple. *sigh*

Fast forward a few days. I need yarn. (Of course I need yarn! Duh.)  And I'm standing in the craft store, staring blankly at mountains of colors and fibers and all things hooky.  Now, while I'd love to buy it all, I'm stumped because even though I NEED yarn, I really have no project in mind.

Let me tell you, buying yarn with no project in mind is far more intimidating than it sounds.

My hubby is tapping his foot and I'm starting to sweat. (Why do they keep these stores so warm anyway? And why did I let my husband tag along? These questions plague me, I tell you.) I need to make a decision and pick out some coordinating colors because, darn it, I'm so not leaving empty handed.

And that's when it hit me. I needed to crochet a ripple blanket. I mean, after all, the patterns are everywhere!  So I found a few patterns that I liked, merged and modified, and got to work.

I finished my first blanket rather quickly, since it was kid-sized and worked up like a dream. And before I knew it, a second blanket was on my hook and looking fantastic. Which meant another trip to the craft store. And more yarn.

So now I have a few done and a few more to do...and I really do think I'm obsessed with this darn ripple pattern. This boring, old ripple pattern :)

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