Monday, January 12, 2015

First Project of 2015

With 3 blankets in the works (or is it 4?), I have no time to start anything new.  I'm serious. No time. Zero time! And at the rate I'm working on those other projects, I won't have time for anything new until mid-2017.

Because crafter ADD is a thing.

But honestly, all that has never stopped me before. And while I was clicking around Ravelry back in December, I stumbled upon a CAL (crochet-a-long) over at Agrarian Artisan for a really simple, patchwork style blanket.  Just a lap throw size.  And a stash buster, as well.

How could I say no? (Because addiction to starting new projects without finishing them is also a thing.)

So I grabbed a few skeins of yarn and got crackin'. The blanket is composed of granny squares - 5 different motifs - and my goal was to complete once set a day. 10 granny squares a day. I could do that, right? Super quick!

Well, that WAS the goal. And I stayed pretty on task - which for me is kind of a big deal.  I might have had a few days where boredom got the better of me. Maybe a couple days. Just one or two. Or 5. Whatevs.

Let me backtrack a moment and talk color. Do you like it? Can I be honest with you? I don't. Somewhere I had seen the combination of navy blue, cream, green and peach and I LOVED it. But then I took those colors and added gray. And it seemed fairly ok until I started throwing some squares together and figured out that I pretty much hated it.  By that point, though, it was too late to turn back and better finished than sitting in the WIP pile for the next 2 years, right? Right.

Biggest sigh ever.

Well, moving on. I followed the CAL instructions for the most part. I joined the squares with gray (WHY? Why would I do this when I didn't like the gray in the first place?!), slip stitching in the back loops and did a simple gray border in the same manner. I ended up with 48 squares all together - a 6x8 square lap throw.

Wanna see?

 Do I love the finished project? Hm. I don't hate it. Is that answer enough?

I can say that 2 days after finishing it, I am warming to it. It's sitting on my couch and the kids have broken it in for fort all's well that ends well, right?


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